I started looking at different layouts and methods of making the news articles easy to scan and read. Had a goal of coming up with all the necessary content available in one place. As this was part of a move to become completely digital, the entire briefing had to be printable for those who still wished to had a hard copy.

Lloyd's List Daily Briefing wireframes
Lloyd's List Style Tile

Using wireframes, it gave me an idea of how images would work in complimenting the articles and also how ad placements would still be effective while not impacting the users’ reading experience.

When the team had decided on a layout we looked at Style Tiles for typography and colour, and started applying this to the layouts we had been working on. 

I then produced an HTML working version, which was presented to the stakeholders as a concept, which after several months of discussion was put into production. 

Lloyd's List Daily Briefing
Lloyd's List Daily Briefing